November 28, 2016

LuvDisaster Records 8 Years Compilation

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We celebrate 8 years! So, we decide to put on a special compilation our 50 must have tunes from the label. Our story being told by the music. You can grab now a piece of our history for a great price for 50 tracks! There are so many producers inside this compilation that we need to give you the names here: David WS, Muwookie, Oliver Ferrrer, DJ Clart, Koiti, Linky, C.A.B.L.E., Bass Reflex, DJ Marnel, MsDos, In:Sight, Drumagick, L-Side, Andrezz, Dj Chap, Treex, Undersound, Dirtbag, Davw Owen, Pennygiles, Soultec, Phase 2, Brain, Marvel Cinema, Critycal Dub, DJ Rusty, 2Funkyz, Unreal, Level 2, DuoScience, Abstract People, KilldaBrain, Young G, Nava and Isaac Maya. Uff!

We would like to thank you all people send us your luv!


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